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BiOptimizers strive to create the best health formulas on the market, ensuring that each of their products have the optimal dose of quality ingredients. With a significant focus on scientific research and testing, their formulas are meticulously created and consistently upgraded. This helps to ensure that users of BiOptimizers can achieve their health needs and optimisation goals.


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Thoroughly created formulas with a focus on health optimisation and digestion

BiOptimizers was founded by Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant in 2004, who were working as trainers for high performing athletes. They created a company that is dedicated to creating formulas that are as effective as they can be.

Their policy is, “if we can’t build the best product in that category, forget about it.” They are continually researching and testing in order to optimise their formulas. This means that customers can be assured that BiOptimizers products are working at peak performance.

Their formulas are supported by research and all the ingredients are conscientiously chosen. They work closely with scientists and various experts in areas such as probiotics, genetics and enzymes. BiOptimizers has a partnership with Burch University, with a specific focus on evolving probiotics for health optimisation.

Further, BiOptimizers products have been backed by numerous biohackers, doctors and experts in the health field. These include people such David Asprey, Roger Snipes, and Dr. Caroline Leaf.

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